Retiring soon?

Jim and Linda are excited to be close to retirement. They have plans and dreams for when their time is their own. But they are also nervous. They wonder if they’ve saved enough and if they will run out of money.

Do these questions sound familiar? Life & Money Matters has the answers!


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Life & Money Matters has the answers!

Jim and Linda have estimated when they can retire and how much they need. But is it enough to last? Life & Money Matters has the tools you need to learn more about income during retirement.

Four Retirement Questions for Pending Retirees

As you approach retirement, you may worry about whether you’ll have enough money and how long it will last. Watch the video >

Top Retirement Planning Concerns

Investors need help in deciding how much they require in retirement. Watch the video >

Life begins at retirement

Our booklet will help you visualize retirement and understand your income options. Read more >

Retirement Myths

Misunderstandings continue about how much you need to retire. Read more >

When and why people retire

When it comes to timing of retirement, 56% of workers retired earlier than planned.^ Read more >

^ LIMRA. Retirement Income: The Future of Distribution, Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges. 2012.

Jim and Linda have saved and paid into plans during their life. But how does it become an income? Life & Money Matters can teach you more about income sources.

Where do I start with retirement income planning?

Eight steps to help you build a sound foundation for retirement income. Watch the video >

Benefits Finder

Use this Government of Canada tool and get a customized list of benefits for which you may be eligible. Click here >

Retirement Income Calculator

This Government of Canada calculator takes into account a variety of sources of retirement income. Click here >

RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Calculator

Determine your minimum annual RRIF withdrawal with our calculator. Click here >

Converting assets into income

How to build an income to live out your dreams, satisfy your wants and have peace of mind. Read more >

Where your income will come from

There are three types of government benefits for which you may be eligible. Read more >

Jim and Linda - like 3 out of 4 pre-retirees - expect to be debt-free by retirement.^ Do you know where to start with getting your finances tidied up? Life & Money Matters has the tools you need to learn about dealing with debt.

Getting a grip on excessive debt

Take our debt test to better manage debt and increase your cash flow. Watch the video >

Budget calculator

Use this Government of Canada calculator to find out where your money is going and how much you can put towards your goals. Click here >

Getting a Grip on Excessive Debt

Do you have a debt problem? Take a moment to answer these questions. Read more >

Making a plan to be debt-free

The Government of Canada walks you through the steps to tackle your debts.* Read more >

^LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Ready, Set, Retire? Not So Fast! … Revisited. 2014.

Jim and Linda want to organize their affairs in case of an emergency. Also, they would like to leave something to their family but they don’t know their options. Life & Money Matters has tools to help you learn about planning your estate.

Retirement Realities for Boomers

The top three retirement realities for Boomers may not be what you expect. Watch the video >

How much insurance do I need?

65% of Canadians indicate they have too little or no life insurance coverage.^ Watch the video >

Insurance Lingo infographic

Shopping for insurance can be confusing given the unfamiliar terms. Our infographic explains some of the commonly used terms. Read our blog >

Cost-effective estate planning

You can seamlessly transfer your wealth to your family with no cost or delay. Read our brochure >

Why everyone needs a will

Find out why you should decide who will manage your estate and how your assets will be distributed after your death. Read more >

Set up your grandchildren for financial success

Life insurance as a gift can provide for a lifetime of protection as well as access to cash values that build up in the policy. Read our brochure >

^ LIMRA. Retirement Income: The Future of Distribution, Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges. 2012.

Jim and Linda want to build their financial knowledge to make better decisions about the future. Life & Money Matters has the next steps.

Your Retirement Financial Checklist

Use this Government of Canada checklist to get your finances ready for retirement. Click here >

What’s right for me calculator

Answer these questions to find out which Empire Life products may be right for you. Click here >

What kind of investor am I?

The Emblem Investor Profile Questionnaire can help determine your risk tolerance level. Click here >

Is a managed portfolio right for me?

Empire Life’s Emblem Portfolios matches your investment goals and risk tolerance. Watch the video >

Protecting yourself from financial fraud

Fraud can be costly and stressful. The Canadian Banker’s Association explains how to protect yourself.
Top forms of financial fraud Read more >
9 ways to prevent fraud Read more >

^LIMRA Canadian Life Insurance Ownership Study, 2013.

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