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The 90% Retirement Income Factors

According to a recent study, 98% of aging Canadians want a predictable lifetime income that is guaranteed. In this video, Peter explores the factors people should consider as they look for different types of solutions for their retirement needs.

Top retirement planning concerns

Media headlines and market uncertainty have left many aging investors with the feeling “I’m worried that I won’t have enough”. In this first segment of Life & Money Matters, Peter shares some of the top retirement planning concerns among investors.

The higher cost of post-secondary education

In this installment of Life & Money Matters, Peter Wouters explores different strategies as well as factors to keep in mind when saving for the cost of post-secondary education.

Accumulating Money

Saving for retirement is tough, considering all of the demands you have now. But with the numerous investment options available, how do you choose which one is right for you? In this installment of Life & Money Matters Peter discusses the three things you need to accumulate money.

Pay Yourself First

The power of saving early and steadily for the long term can make a great impact on your retirement lifestyle. In this installment of Life & Money Matters Peter shares some thoughts on the benefits of paying yourself first.

Retirement realities for boomers

Does your retirement reality fit your own vision and experiences? In this video, Peter demystifies the commonly held perceptions about retirement among boomers and younger generations.



Four Retirement Questions for Retirees

Market volatility and increasing expenses can have many retirees concerned whether their retirement income will last as long as they live. In this video segment, Peter discusses four key retirement questions you should consider to help plan for the unexpected.

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