Starting out

Monica and Tyler want to move past living for the moment. They want to manage their debt and start saving for goals such as a house and retirement. But they don’t know where to start.

Click on a question - Life & Money Matters has the answers!


Click on a question -
Life & Money Matters has the answers!

Monica and Tyler need to move from short-term thinking and spending if they want to tackle their debts and build some savings. Do you know where your money is going? Life & Money Matters can help you learn better budgeting and financial habits.

Getting a grip on excessive debt

Take our debt test to better manage debt and increase your cash flow. Watch the video >

Budget calculator

Use this Government of Canada calculator to find out where your money is going and how much you can put towards your goals. Click here >

Five basics about managing money

School probably didn’t teach you about managing money. Read more >

Getting a Grip on Excessive Debt

Do you have a debt problem? Take a moment to answer these questions. Read more >

Making a plan to be debt-free

The Government of Canada walks you through the steps to tackle your debts. Read more >

Monica and Tyler’s friends all seem to be buying houses and starting families. They want these dreams too. Find out how much things cost and discover resources you can tap into.

Buying a house

Check out these tools from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to determine how much you can afford and more. Click here >

Child and Family Benefits Calculator

Use this Government of Canada calculator to see what child and family benefits you may be eligible for. Click here >

Having a baby

This Government of Canada checklist will help you apply for benefits Click here >

Registered education savings plans (RESPs)

The Canada Revenue Agency explains how an RESP works. Read more >

Paying the Price for Post Secondary Education

In this installment of Life & Money Matters, Peter Wouters explores different strategies as well as factors to keep in mind when saving for the cost of post-secondary education. Watch the video >

There’s no place like home

Buying a home can be the single biggest purchase you will ever make – consider protecting it with life insurance. Read more >

Monica and Tyler wonder if they should be saving. It’s a good question. The one thing retirees would tell their younger selves is to start saving sooner. Life & Money Matters has the tools you need to learn about saving.

Pay Yourself First

You should pay the most important person in your life first. Watch the video >

Are you saving enough for retirement?

Find out if you are on track with our RRSP Calculator. Click here >

Catching up

An RRSP loan can make a significant difference in the long-term value of your RRSP. Explore with our RRSP Loan Calculator. Click here >

Account basics

The Canada Revenue Agency explains what you need to know about: Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP’s): Click here >
Tax-Free Saving Account (TFSA): Click here >

Millennials and Retirement

58% of Millennials have high expectations of retirement Read more >

Monica and Tyler are starting out and need to protect their family and their businesses. Life & Money Matters has the tools to help you reduce your risk.

Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance is a tool to help people prepare for the unexpected. Watch the video >

Insurance Lingo infographic

Shopping for insurance can be confusing given the unfamiliar terms. Our infographic explains some of the commonly used terms. Read our blog >

An investment solution that meets your needs

Guaranteed Investment Funds can help you grow your savings and protect you from market downturns, in addition to benefits such as estate planning, probate bypass and potential creditor protection. Read our brochure >

Life insurance basics

This Guide from The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) shows how life insurance can protect your family and business. Click here >

Disability insurance basics

This Guide from The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) shows how disability insurance can protect your income. Read more >

Monica and Tyler want to build their financial knowledge to make better decisions about the future. Life & Money Matters has the next steps.

What’s right for me calculator

Answer these questions to find out which Empire Life products may be right for you. Click here >

Is a managed portfolio right for me?

Empire Life’s Emblem Portfolios matches your investment goals and risk tolerance. Watch the video >

What kind of investor am I?

The Emblem Investor Profile Questionnaire can help determine your risk tolerance level. Click here >

Why everyone needs a will

Find out why you should decide who will manage your estate and how your assets will be distributed after your death. Read more >

Your Virtual Shoebox Guide

This handy tool from The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) will help you keep track of your information and prepare for an emergency. Click here >

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